Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Would Happen To Our Country If The Truth Were Exposed?

This is a very serious and important question to ask. There are strong arguments for leaving the 9/11 story alone. What are the economic and social consequences? What would the populous as a whole do if they were to find out about the involvement of their own government...the very organization that is elected to serve them? How would the rest of the world respond? Would we be justified in keeping our eyes closed in the face of such dire consequences?
Please, give it some thought and submit your comments.

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  1. I think it depends on who you're trying to reach and wake up. To me, 9/11 truth was the key that unlocked my mind to everything else that's going on. But I have observed how some people seem to want to know about other things (eg world government) but are 'allergic' to questioning 9/11.

    I think the left-right paradigm can provide a generalised explanation for this.

    I was of the controlled left, and to me it seemed understandable that the military-industrial complex might have a hand in creating new wars.

    I find former or current right-wingers have different prejudices which cause them to consider 9/11 truth as the ultimate treason, perhaps even that 9/11 truth is part of the Islamic Terrorist Conspiracy against us.

    Of course I am not American either so that helped I guess...although once I'd figured out 9/11 I had no issues re (at the very least) UK govt and Mossad foreknowledge of 7/7...

    So, when dealing with especially American right-wingers (due to nationalistic bias), I would say then and only then it might be best to miss out 9/11 like Ron Paul does.

    That said, I don't think there's a better window to breaking out of the matrix, than 9/11.

  2. fuk the consequences the truth must be told !! by the way you are doing a great job mate respect

  3. It is said, "the truth will set you free." The corporate government does not desire us to be free. The "truth" about 9/11 will be like giving birth, AGAIN, to the country; Painful & bloody! There is no way to side-step, avoid, or escape the consequences of "knowing" the entire truth about 9/11. FACT: Due to "operation paper clip," with the importation of THOUSANDS of Nazis from Germany, into our own "intelegance services," multinational corporations, every faciet of government & business............ lace up you boots tight and get "ready to fight!"

  4. It would be insane. But the government can get away with whatever they want. If they did, Who would bring them to justice. If we get arrested for everything, They should'nt get by on everything. I also believe that the Iraqi war is a set up to cover up the truth of 9/11

  5. Seize assets of all conspirators in 9-11, including mass media moguls, Hollywood studios, banking/insurance conspirators in the WTC claims.

    Close DHS, IRS, FED, CIA, NSA, FBI and prosecute the agency heads who have been complicit. Give amnesty to underling whistleblowers for their cooperation in prosecutions.

    Impeach and prosecute Judge Hellerstein and Judge Lehner.

    Make it illegal to occupy U.S. government positions and hold dual nationality of ANY other country, especially Israel.

    Stop all extortion money paid to Israel. It wasn't muslims.

  6. I believe exactly that by doing nothing we are committing a great crime against our own souls. It takes a lot of care to run a country. We musn't be blind to our involvement. It's not about what you feel, for a second we must all put our emotions aside and think logically, mathematically and methodically with our reasonings. Nit-picking our nation could be a good or bad thing. Constructive criticism is the best. What we really need is to fight for better together and if our Congress or President doesn't want that we still have the rights to overthrow them and change America back to what it is supposed to be. We need our leaders to take charge and make responsible decisions! When good people do nothing bad people rob banks* (or have to resort to bc America is now desperate)when good people do nothing innocent children and a Mother is shot by her non-tolerant Angry Vile Son. When Good people do nothing, and say well let's just sit aside and allow it to happen? Then and only terrorism and crime overtake our nation until we see War and our and Our Children's life end by some unexpected explosion and who are the innocent victims then? Come on people! We can't do nothing. Ask yourself by what you see! It's not God's fault! It's your own decisions and you are suffering the consequences!