Sunday, July 25, 2010

Us and Them

Finding clear lines of demarcation can be one of the biggest hurdles to cross when one endeavors to embark on this seemingly massive undertaking which is "truth-seeking". Who is qualified to define "us" and "them". This ambiguity is a breeding ground for confusion and ignorance. Those with rational minds are quick to dismiss these "conspiracy theories" on the grounds that there is no definable "them". Who are "they"? It would be easy if they were shifty-eyed, mustachioed villains with monocles and top hats. In the movies it is usually pretty clear who the bad guy is. So what about some specific names? Well, we can always check the VIP list of the Bilderberg summit. A few unfortunate CEO's who chance upon a little too much exposure of the light of day. Your flavor-of-the-week political figurehead set upon the dunk tank seat in order to temporarily appease the restless masses. You see where I'm going with this?
Without signed confessions or caught-in-the-act photographs it is very difficult to give a name and an identity to these so-called sinister evil-doers. But the real question here is: Does that mean that "they" do not exist?
Any comments?