Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remember World Trade Center 7

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Stanley Praimnath & Brian Clark

These two guys are famous 9/11 survivors. Mr. Praimnath watched one of the jets come into the tower from a very unique and singular point of view...directly at him. According to his testimony the jet came directly at him and ultimately sliced right into his office while he hid under his desk "20 feet away". In an interview with National Geographic Mr. Praimnath does not neglect to interject that he "saw a giant 'U' on the plane". I was just wondering where that giant 'U' was actually located on the plane and how he saw it from his unique perspective. It seems to me that all he would be able to see would be a nosecone and the leading edge of the wings. Especially if the plane is rocketing directly at you at 500 mph.
Another interesting point is that we are to believe that the jet fuel explosion was so hot that it weakened all of the massive steel support columns, and yet Mr. Prainmath escaped a direct hit, only "20 feet away" without any burns.
Later, as these two "eye witnesses" had narrowly escaped the burning building and were fleeing down the street, Brian Clark turns to Stanley and told him, "that building's coming down". And, in his own words, he admits "I don't know why I said that", but he did. Somehow he just had a hunch.
National Geographic now strikes me as one of the most obvious propaganda machines around. Just like religion, people are so quick to attach themselves to what "scientists" declare that they forget to do any thinking on their own. As far as I'm concerned the blind masses that unquestioningly follow the ever changing scientific "facts" are no different than those who stumble along after the religion of the week as if in an intoxicated stupor.
It is important to remember that the scientific community is seeking after facts. And the more research that is done on a subject, the more that is revealed. Everybody knows that knowledge on most any topic evolves with time. As new discoveries are made and as technology advances, we are often able to find that what was commonly accepted a decade ago as scientific fact has now been completely abandoned. Remember that, all of you who declare with such arrogance that "scientists have proven" this or that. Your National Geographic channel has an agenda and receives money from somewhere to create these documentaries.
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