Friday, March 25, 2011

Stanley Praimnath & Brian Clark

These two guys are famous 9/11 survivors. Mr. Praimnath watched one of the jets come into the tower from a very unique and singular point of view...directly at him. According to his testimony the jet came directly at him and ultimately sliced right into his office while he hid under his desk "20 feet away". In an interview with National Geographic Mr. Praimnath does not neglect to interject that he "saw a giant 'U' on the plane". I was just wondering where that giant 'U' was actually located on the plane and how he saw it from his unique perspective. It seems to me that all he would be able to see would be a nosecone and the leading edge of the wings. Especially if the plane is rocketing directly at you at 500 mph.
Another interesting point is that we are to believe that the jet fuel explosion was so hot that it weakened all of the massive steel support columns, and yet Mr. Prainmath escaped a direct hit, only "20 feet away" without any burns.
Later, as these two "eye witnesses" had narrowly escaped the burning building and were fleeing down the street, Brian Clark turns to Stanley and told him, "that building's coming down". And, in his own words, he admits "I don't know why I said that", but he did. Somehow he just had a hunch.
National Geographic now strikes me as one of the most obvious propaganda machines around. Just like religion, people are so quick to attach themselves to what "scientists" declare that they forget to do any thinking on their own. As far as I'm concerned the blind masses that unquestioningly follow the ever changing scientific "facts" are no different than those who stumble along after the religion of the week as if in an intoxicated stupor.
It is important to remember that the scientific community is seeking after facts. And the more research that is done on a subject, the more that is revealed. Everybody knows that knowledge on most any topic evolves with time. As new discoveries are made and as technology advances, we are often able to find that what was commonly accepted a decade ago as scientific fact has now been completely abandoned. Remember that, all of you who declare with such arrogance that "scientists have proven" this or that. Your National Geographic channel has an agenda and receives money from somewhere to create these documentaries.
Ask questions!


  1. In December of 1944, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC published an article about Siberia. They raved about the wonderful gold mines of the Kolyma valley and the healthy, hardy miners who were provided with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure they got the necessary nutrients.

    Years later it was revealed that the Kolyma gold mines were just part of the Soviet gulag system and that approximately one-third of the miner population (read: prisoner population) died each year.

    The photographs of the smiling miners that Owen Lattimore took and which accompanied the positive NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article were in fact photographs of NKVD gulag guards posing as miners. (No wonder they looked so healthy and hardy.)

    If it appears in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, that alone is reason to doubt and double-check.

    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC sought to put a positive spin on the Soviet system; they've attempted to convince the Americonned People that they are merely the result of chance chemical mutations adapting to an incredibly complex but unplanned environment; and now they are attempting to convince the Americonned People that Uncle Sam's official 9/11 story is the way it really happened.

    Well, Barquedust, number me amongst those who ain't buyin' it.

    Uncle Sam's "official" 9/11 story is so full of holes it's useful only as a colander.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. General McCarthy,
      Thanks for your input on the National Geographic propaganda campaign! As you may have noticed, I have been out of commission for quite a while. So little time for blogging lately, let alone the research required to post worthwhile information. How goes the battle on your end? Anything worth sharing regarding the "lone" Batman killer? Any other new developments I may have missed?
      Power To The People, Right On!

    2. so what is your point trying to call this guy Praimnath a liar? Was he in the tower at the impact zone at the time the plane hit? Yes. Were you there, can you honestly opine on how he felt and what he saw? No, you cant. The south tower was impacted on the south facing side, and as the several famous footage clips show, it was toward the east side of the building - the hijacker pilot almost missed it. Praimnaths office was in the southwest corner. So yes, he could definately have seen a plane approaching from the south. And it is very conceivable that he saw just a wing tip way over where his office was and thus by location, his southwest corner office was probably the best corner to be in to not get burned. Obviously anyone in the southeast corner was gone at impact, but then as we have seen many times in the footage most of the explosion shoots out the north and east sides of the tower, as it was carried that way by the planes 590 mph speed at the time of collision in that direction. So it is quite conceivable why his office wasnt just filled with a vaporizing fireball. Further verifying evidence to this is that Brian Clarke, the man who met him on his floor and helped him from his entrapment in office wall debris, came from the nearby southeast stairwell which was the only one left intact for people to escape from above the impact zone. If Praimnaths story is embellished or false, Clarke and 16 others would not have survived if this area of the buidling wasnt still intact, not engulfed in flames, and passable.

      I agree with that this country is being taken from us more and more by the wealthy ruling elite class that call themsleves public servants and politicians. And conspiracies and corruption is rife in our government. But questioning these survivors stories and splitting hairs over the details is an insult to them and all of the victims who didnt survive and all of their friends and relatives. Has occurred to you at all too that in traumatic life threatening moments like these, which most of us never see or experience, most people are in shock, adrenaline-struck? Events like these are so surreal and shocking that you cant blame people for having foggy memories or gaps in their stories as they try to piece memories of the events together later.

      9/11 was a conspiracy - by 19 young arabic brain-washed islamic radicals. Dont question survivors stories with stupid conspiracy jargon.

  2. Slickchick -
    The point? Please, allow me - The point is to do whatever it takes to prevent an atrocity like 9/11 from ever happening again. This may be a timely opportunity to remind you of a truism spoken by someone who knew a little bit about propaganda and controlling peoples thoughts and emotions: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think" --Adolph Hitler

    Unfortunately, to get at THE TRUTH, we must convene into some sensitive areas. If you are at all familiar with the process of trial, you will concede that in order to reveal the facts as they happened, it is necessary to question the details of All who have testimonies to bear. It is NOT insulting. It is the DUTY of every patriot to SCRUTINIZE EVERY DETAIL of the available facts, evidence and testimony. It is not my objective to accuse you personally of this, but those who would propagate the "official" story often use this tactic of "haven't these poor people been through enough?" as a defensive shield. Of course the victims have been through horrible trauma. They're VICTIMS. The question here is, were Clark and Praimnath really victims?

    I think my counterpoint can best be summed up by addressing your last sentence..."DON'T QUESTION". I'm sorry if it upsets you, but I very very much question the official story. I very much question all those who preach it so loudly. I very much question all of those who officially testify to specific and key "facts". If you do not question, you are exactly the kind of fool "they" want you to be.
    There were hundreds of millions of victims of the 9/11 attack, and if you don't wake up, pull your head from the sand and start QUESTIONING the stories being spoon fed to you by your government and the mainstream media, then we are all doomed to be the victims of history repeating.

    The point? To protect the American people (including my wife and children) from ANY and ALL enemies of the American people!

  3. Yes protect the people, but what is your point by splitting hairs over what angle of the plane this guy saw and how bad or not his burns were or should have been, according to you? Where are you going with this, what is your penultimate issue? Please tell me you're not one of these conspriracy quacks who wants everyone to believe our own government detonated the towers to start a war and the air blowing the glass out were the demolition charges and then they "let" WTC 7 fall and bla, bla, bla.

    Our government certainly failed on multiple levels which helped make this tragedy possible - the FAA, Immigration, the FBI, the CIA, and right up to and including the White House and its new administration - but that doesnt just translate into them being complicit. Warning signs were ignored, misunderstood, and not given proper attention by todays after-the-fact, hind-sight views and its unfortunate. Complacenscy and human nature and security system flaws all attributed to this. 16 of the 19 hijackers should have never been allowed to enter the country or board planes with their insufficient visa and passport status. FBI brass ignored reports from agents about islamic radicals on watchlists training at flight the US and acting suspiciously. CIA brass mishandled information fromita agents about rising terrot plot chatter and didnt know how to process it. CIA director George Tenet was in a panic most of the summer of 2001 trying to tell the president that somthing was coming but he didnt know what. The president was on vacation in August. Airport screeners on 9/11 let these hijackers board despite many of them failing basic securtiy gate questions for boarding and baggage procedures. And those rules themselves were obviously way past their time and should habe been different. I mean how silly does it seem today to even think for one second why it should have been acceptable for a civilian passenger on flight to be able to carry a utlility blade of up to 4" on his/her person during the flight? Complacensy and human error and failure to anticipate the future in an ever-changing world is what happened here and assisted these hijackers to achieve wjat they did that day. This has happened all thru human history and its in our nature. And these are the questions we.needed to ask and procedures we needed to fix with homeland security and immigration and airtport security, etc. But it doesnt mean 9/11 was an "inside job". That is foolish in my opinion, and energies wasted going down that road will only serve to divide and misguide us so as to perhaps hinder us or derail our focus from standing together to prevent this from happening again.

  4. Slickchick - My blog is here to pose questions. To stimulate the thought process. To promote individual thinking. It is NOT a forum for debate. There are plenty of other places you may take your debate. If you have legitimate points to make that substantiate a counterpoint, please feel free to make them. If you come here to scold me, preach to me, or tell me how stupid I am, I would appreciate you redirecting your wit elsewhere.
    This blog poses questions and points out pieces of information that I feel are relevant and important. This article in specific points out questionable testimony which, if false, would lead to some very serious issues and deeper questions...and that is the point.
    The governments official "oops, we messed up" stance is the perfect platform from which to implement, as they absolutely have, a further revocation of rights and freedoms and become more personally invasive in the name of our safety. If you bother to read through the rest of the blog, you will see that this is kind of a theme.
    Please feel free to point out specifics of where I am incorrect, but again, if you simply want to lump me together with people who believe in lizard men and bigfoot, I would respectfully ask you to find an audience elsewhere.
    Thank You for your Patronage.

  5. I hate these 9/11 'theories', simply put. I hate them. How? That's the one word I have to ask. How?
    How could the government convince over a three hundred people, some religious and innocent as possible, to fabricate these stories? How could the Airlines have such a complete breakdown if it was indeed on purpose? What about the people on the planes- on UNITED FLIGHT 93!
    But what I dislike most about these theories is that they completely dishonor those who died that day. I wholeheartedly agree with Slickchick. Have you forgotten about those on flight 93, who gave their lives? Think, how would you feel if you read an article online that said your fiance's heroic death was a mere planned fluke of the government?
    Yes, I think our government is corrupted. But not to the point where they would plan something like that. How and why would they even do that? Yes, I know, war and oil and blah blah blah. But again, think. Osama Bin Laden? Al Queda? The information, the captures, the killings, and the BLAME.
    But most of all, religion. I fully believe in Jesus Christ. I mean no insult to those with other religions, but I fully believe Stanley was protected by Him. And I believe both Stanley and Brian were guided by the hand of God. If you have ever read, seen, or heard stories of Stanley's survival, you will remember his desk as being untouched, his Bible on top. Before the plane hit, he said "I can't do this Lord! You take over!" And once more pleading after the plane hit, "Please, God. Send somebody, anybody to save me!"
    I could go on forever. But I've ranted enough as it is. Soon enough, we'll be hearing about how the US dumped an iceberg in the middle of the ocean to sink the Titanic.

  6. Slick Chick ... either u'r corrupt (ie pretend to be a slick chick) or you are genuine chick, but never understood Physics (and in particular Newtonian Mechanics, Thermodynamics, differential equations ect ...)

    To slick chick's credit, I too would swallow wholeheartedly that a fire (any fire) can induce a controlled demolition without the considerable expense, the unbelievably horribly complicated calculations, and the time required by controlled demolitions all over the world, if i was as uneducated as slick chick

    The symetry of WTC7 fall is the fingerprint of what they did, THANKS TO UNBREAKABLE LAWS of physics

  7. I know its difficult to believe that people might be pre-disposed to fabricating entire stories about some traumatic event like 911 but if one has done any research on the historic examples of this they will find that all throughout history there have been people telling bold faced lies about their hero like involvement in war like events. The motives for why this might be are complicated but I have a theory for why Brian Clark is making this all up. I believe that he is an extremely suppressed closet homosexual and that he is yearning to connect with other homosexuals through his story. When he mentions that after he rescues this man in the rubble, the man thanks him by kissing him you see Brian's face light up. In Brian's mind this is a fantasy come true. Homosexuals are known to be articulate yet troubled people. They have all sorts of fantasy like thoughts that plague their mind while the average straight person is preoccupied with normal process thinking. I believe that they are also the perfect candidates for cult like organizations that would pull off an event like 911, tapped if you will to join secret societies that are behind these events.

  8. Anonymous said "soon enough, we'll be hearing about how the US dumped an iceberg in the middle of the ocean to sink Titanic" well it might serve you to know that a boat did sink but for insurance purposes..JFK was killed by a magic bullet (but it sure wasn't shot by Oswald) and 9-11 cannot be properly explained by the official account..are there conspiracies out there that are far fetched and wild, yes absolutely but a normal thinking individual who doesn't keep his head buried can see and read that most of what we were told about 9-11 doesn't stand is it possible for 19 highjackers to have done what they supposedly did and to have reports of 9 of them still being alive and well? (some of these surprised by the allegations being made against them)..why are actual pilots with hundreds of hours of flight experience and years of good standing as being pilots now compiling tons of evidence that shows that no untrained terrorists could have flown the way those flights were apparently flown? Why are firefighters stating that molten steel was flowing like lava and why was thermite conductive temps found at ground zero months after the fires were put out? Why are 1000's of architects, engineers, pilots, firefighters and good standing citizens now questioning the unbelievable official reports? Why is there so much evidence showing otherwise? Where does this evidence come from and how/why does it corroborate the new free thinking version of these events? Why is this movement growing and why are the officials (government, white house, NIST, etc) not able to disprove this new evidence? The world was lied to but most of all we were duped by power, and history will repeat itself because we've never learned from the future when all our rights and liberties have been taken from us then we will hear all say: why has this happened to us? Why? Because we stand for it and let it happen, we bury our heads so we don't have to accept truths that are too awful while innocents get victimized and die for it..when 9-11 happened our point of invading Afghanistan was to seek out Osama Bin they've supposedly found, killed and disposed of him but explain this: why are we still at war then? And why when they found him did it automatically result in his death? Just like Oswald, just like McVey, just like any other accused of these types of crimes..they never survive because they must be made silent..and lastly, if the big bad US Gov. caught their #1 most wanted, don't you think they would have boasted it? To finally have the mastermind who caused all this damage would leave me to think that it would be a big deal, after all they'd been looking for him for 10 years...but yet we only heard of it once his dead body was buried at sea...pretty convenient if you ask me...not to be trusted, always ask questions because it's your life, your liberties and your rights that are being messed with...

    1. Because they weren't untrained. If I remember correctly these men had had fluting lessons and it was later discovered that the men had shown little interest in learning how to LAND a plane...

  9. Really???? No propaganda where Stanley is concerned. I was a co-worker of his on the 81st floor. This "eye witness" story is so remarkable and unique because he lived! Remember that there are many more people who weren't lucky enough to have a story to tell. Also Stanley is not the only one that day that said the building would fall. Of those that worked there were stories of witnessing people on the elevator that they missed open up with people engulfed in flames due to the fuel poring down the elevator shaft. You don't hear of these sort of accounts because so they are so numerous. Have a good look at a airliner and visit a skyscraper and really try to imagine the impact and the flames then you'll be able to appreciate Stanley's story and his will to live to see his family again.

  10. Yes. As hard to believe as it may seem (remember the Bush Administration laughed it off as well until it happened), it was a plan in the making for almost 10 years! Planes full of fuel for a coast to coast trip used as flying bombs.