Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Dead dolphins in Gulf: scientists seek explanation" -- Huh!?!

Oh...This is Rich! I just ran into this article on Fox News.

"GULFPORT, Miss. – Scientists say five dead baby dolphins have been found on two islands in the northern Gulf of Mexico, adding to what they say is an unusually high tally of dead dolphins in recent months off Mississippi and Alabama.
Researchers say they're seeking clues as to what caused the deaths. They report that 28 dolphins of all ages have been found dead in waters off the two states since the start of 2011, compared with 89 dead dolphins in all of 2010.
Moby Solangi, director of the nonprofit Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, says scientists have taken tissue samples in hopes of solving the mystery.
But scientists say they've ruled out possible effects from last summer's enormous oil rig spill off Louisiana."

--You see? Scientists have already ruled it out, so, there you go. Don't worry, scientists have everything figured out, and, along with various presidential administrations and summits, things are well under control. Now, go back to sleep.


  1. Actually, this article is only using 2 other articles for the information they give. The Sun Herald didn't really do anything but present the fact that the dolphins were found and it would be a top govt priority(yeah, right).
    The other, though:
    Doesn't say anything about ruling out the BP oil spill, but does say that it is not the only factor they will be investigating.
    What you have is evidence of media tainting.

  2. Gary - That is absolutely correct. The idea here, as is the idea with many many subjects which get scrubbed, edited or omitted from the American press, is to lull and redirect the public. My wife keeps up with independent press from all over Europe and Russia and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING what we don't know about our own country.

  3. Hm. Looking into this a bit, there are a bunch of articles that are EXACT replicas of what you have posted.. Apparently, no one is concerned about copyrights..
    Talk about corruption. What further proof is necessary to portray the fact that media is owned and oriented... startribune, washington post, sanfrancisco chronicles.. ALL have the EXACT same article.. and I'm sure there are probably many more, all posted at the same time.

  4. Barque, sorry for crowding your comments.. but if you're interested, you want to add these widgets:
    Brent Oil, WTI oil and Gold price ?

    I haven't figured out how to manipulate my html yet to get them in there the way I want them, and they're interesting to keep track of.. Gold and Brent oil have been going up hrly.. Good economic indicators, I think
    anyway, just throwing it out there.. I think I'll try to find a food price index widget, too

  5. The AP is the filter through which a majority of our news is washed. This is likely why the stories are the same. We do still have free press, but there is little power in distribution without the titanic budget enjoyed by the mainstream media. Anyway, back to something important...It seems Lindsay Lohan has been a naughty girl again!!

  6. >>....."The AP is the filter through which a majority of our news is washed. This is likely why the stories are the same."

    Somebody ought to create a YouTube video explaining how that works!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Some interesting information:
    Earthquakes in the New Madrid Fault Zone(M4.3)

    Interesting in relation to the preparations being made for this area:

    It's a National Level Exercise Tier 1(top executive positions involved in the "simulation").
    ShakeOut earthquake preparedness was started just a few years ago.. Annual activity that has been growing larger with each year. One of the last ones they did was in New Zealand. Next one(April) is centered around New Madrid Fault Zone..