Sunday, July 25, 2010

Us and Them

Finding clear lines of demarcation can be one of the biggest hurdles to cross when one endeavors to embark on this seemingly massive undertaking which is "truth-seeking". Who is qualified to define "us" and "them". This ambiguity is a breeding ground for confusion and ignorance. Those with rational minds are quick to dismiss these "conspiracy theories" on the grounds that there is no definable "them". Who are "they"? It would be easy if they were shifty-eyed, mustachioed villains with monocles and top hats. In the movies it is usually pretty clear who the bad guy is. So what about some specific names? Well, we can always check the VIP list of the Bilderberg summit. A few unfortunate CEO's who chance upon a little too much exposure of the light of day. Your flavor-of-the-week political figurehead set upon the dunk tank seat in order to temporarily appease the restless masses. You see where I'm going with this?
Without signed confessions or caught-in-the-act photographs it is very difficult to give a name and an identity to these so-called sinister evil-doers. But the real question here is: Does that mean that "they" do not exist?
Any comments?


  1. First, let's not accept the negative connotations that have been attached to "conspiracy theories" by the ignorant. I'd go so far as to say that THAT was a singular agenda in and of itself.. create misinformation to pose a divisive force, then use the absurdity of a few cases to make "conspiracy theory" into something other than it is:
    A theory about a conspiracy. The conditioning(and the 8th grade average reading level) has accustomed people to automatically associate that phrase with something ludicrous. Whereas, NEITHER "conspiracy" nor "theory" imply anything supernatural or fictitious. "The earth is round" was once a theory. . and a conspiracy is a plan for achieving some agenda(whether nefarious or otherwise). Only idiots would say conspiracies don't exist. Hell, it's the backbone of corporate capitalism(planning things in secret to achieve something and gain the upper hand).

    As with all theories, some are true and some are false. Unfortunately, people have been led to believe the title "conspiracy theory" automatically implies inaccuracy.

  2. Second, "who are 'they'" is the cliche response of the average idiot that doesn't wish to have the stability of their delusion rocked beneath their feet. It's not the source that is relevant, but the overwhelming evidence portrayed on a regular basis(of course, that does require people to open their eyes to see it.. and in some situations, be able to see a bigger picture.) Like Enron. People know it was a fraudulent scheme aimed at money. However, if back then you told the average person that Enron was basing its value on future value, they'd want to know WHY they would do that because they wouldn't be willing to look down the path and see the end result for the puppeteers. For accountability purposes, it's important to know who those puppeteers are, but initially it's just important to realize that there is something WRONG.. a reason to invoke suspicion and incite an investigation.

  3. Plausibility? I love how people WANT to be docile and malleable. "MY government wouldn't do that".. well, it's not the 'government'. It's far-reaching individuals that have had hundreds(thousands) of years of networking and experience to fine tune their strategies. People act like this is the very first time an individual or group of individuals have been bent on world domination. They don't even have to be "EVIL".. No one does something just to be doing something "wrong".. they do it to achieve their perspective of "right".
    To be perfectly honest with you, "nationalism" is stupidity incarnate in my opinion. People should still be living by subsistence. However, if people want to keep breeding like rats, the most practical and logical solution is a WORLD economy. Unfortunately, groups of people need monitoring for the coddling of the weak and meek. That would require a world government. The only people willing to orchestrate such things are those with personal ambitions.
    I actually support the CONCEPTS.. just not the tactics. I'd rather be able to conquer and claim a piece of land and raise a family. In this world, all I expect is honesty. For THAT reason, I oppose where things are going.

  4. Those weren't directed at YOU, btw ;)

    One more thing, man.. Did you hear a month ago when ICE did those crackdowns on video sharing websites? The hardest hit site was one that I loved.. not just for the videos, but for the INCREDIBLE forum community(honestly, I've never met a more inspirational group of individuals.. so intelligent, resourceful and colorful). Well, the admins of that site not only had site seized, but were PERSONALLY hit in their homes.. EVERYTHING taken from them.
    All I ask is that you check out these 2 links.. They've just got their forum back up(won't be providing video anymore, of course). The first post in each link is from this incredible female(sexy AND smart, lol) that grew from nothing.. and now she HAS nothing -_-

    I just want to spread awareness and thought you might help. Thanks

    Just read the first post in each of those links.. If you wish to browse the forums more after that, awesome.

  5. Hello, BARQUEDUST ~
    Who are "They"?
    Hmmm... Well, if we're on the same page regarding the nature and aims of the conspiracy (i.e., to dismantle America's Republican form of government and Constitutional safeguards and replace the sovereign nation concept with a totalitarian global government), then certainly there are some names that can justifiably spring from our lips - those names being associated with International Banking. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, etc.

    However, some of the lesser known conspirators are so arrogant as to have actually spoken or written publicly on their goal. I catalogued a small handful of them in one of my blog bits which I titled "See The New World Order In Black & White". Please take a look if you have the time and inclination.

    In his masterpiece book, "None Dare Call It Treason...25 Years Later", John Stormer writes of "a conspiracy of shared values". He states, "The key to understanding the blindness is seeing that government leaders, the press, educators, etc. appear to be functioning as part of a giant conspiracy not because they are all under a centralized discipline or control but because they share the same foundational philosophy and beliefs".

    To some degree, I agree with that assessment, but my own studies over the years have led me to the conclusion that there is indeed a greater "centralized discipline or control" than Mr. Stormer might realize. The influence of foundation money and the foreign and domestic policies emanating from the Council on Foreign Relations (as well as the power of the International Bankers behind the scenes) makes for a good deal of centralized organization.

    Nevertheless, I consider "None Dare Call It Treason...25 Years Later" to be one of the two best books on politics I've ever read. If you haven't perused that particular title yet, please know that it comes with my very, very highest recommendation!

    I really like your blogsites and recently touted them in a blog bit of my own. Glad to have found your writings. A friend turned me on to them and I have since turned another friend on to them. Keep up the great work, my fellow patriot!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Some of them may be shifty-eyed, mustachioed villains with monocles and top hats (as far as we know).

    Gary, I guess where we differ is I am very much against the ideas of a world economy and a world government. We saw an attempt at that by the Soviet Union and it failed. I don't believe that human nature will ever allow a world goverment or world economy to succeed.

    As screwed up as the USA is, people flock to it from other countries with more Socialist/Marxist systems. There must be a reason.

    As imperfect as our system may be, it's better than the others out there.

    You are right about one thing, though-the people are flocking like sheep to driool-aid.