Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Grief! How Can Anyone Deny What Is So Blatantly Obvious?

It is really so offensive and disrespectful to so many people to continue to evade the abundance of obvious factual evidence of the subject of 9/11. Anyone can see for themselves that the official explanation of the '9/11 Commission Report' is a fabricated lie. They are lying to us! Why? What is their motive? Who are "They"? Why is it so important that we know the truth? These are questions that you MUST ask yourself if you have any sort of conscience at all. Please, if you haven't already, open your eyes and ask the important questions. If there ever actually is a thorough, honest and professional investigation by an unbiased and neutral entity and they provide the hard proof that it was NOT an inside job, then I'll concede and find peace...But it will not happen. Once again, the earth simply cannot be proven to be flat regardless of how many "educated" people say it is so!
Please share this video with everyone you know. The ONLY way we can ever hope for any sort of justice for these crimes or hope to prevent these types of atrocities at all in the future is to create an informed society. Please, take the time to share this information!

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