Saturday, February 6, 2010

Create A Solution To A Problem, Create A Problem And Sell The Solution

When I was a child I had a cousin who would occasionally lose her glasses. My aunt would offer us kids $1 if we could find them. Someone would eventually find them and happily collect their dollar. It didn't take long for my 7-year-old mind to figure out that this was a lucrative situation. All I had to do was hide her glasses and then, after the reward was offered, collect my prize.
This scenario is extremely common. As one youtube commenter noted, "This is classic Hegelian Dialectic...cause a problem and offer a solution which was already preplanned." Can you see how this might apply to such situations as the 9/11 tragedy, the swine flu epidemic and the destructive cycle of eating unhealthy food and then depending on medication to treat our poor health?
I recently met a man from South America, now living in the U.S., who told me that many years ago he had a condition known as a fatty liver. He was seen by many doctors here in the states and it was unanimous that he should be on a specific, powerful medication for the next six to seven years. He took the medication for a few weeks before travelling to Europe where he went to see another doctor. This doctor urgently advised him to stop taking the medication IMMEDIATELY. It would destroy his kidneys in the process of treating the liver condition. Instead he prescribed an herbal substance derived from the flower of some kind of plant or other. He said that he would be cured within a couple of months...guess what - it worked. In only a couple of months he was completely healed of his ailment. Not "treated" but "healed". And he has been in fine health ever since.
My wife is from Russia and came here a little over seven years ago. Soon after she arrived and began to meet people she was shocked and horrified to find out what kind of health problems we had over here that virtually did not exist in Russia. Endometriosis, rampant escalating allergies, obesity, diabetes, cancer, even common colds and flu are all nearly obscure in comparison with the United States. My wife was given her vaccinations as required by immigration law and within a few months she began losing weight and losing her hair. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed as being anemic and treated with iron supplements. Eventually we found a doctor who did some extensive research and discovered that she had developed hypothyroidism and that the anemia was just a symptom. She now takes 'Syntheroid' every day to help to balance her thyroid and feels much better. It is interesting to note that Russia and Europe will not accept American vaccinations within its borders due to the dangerous presence of heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Also, Russians simply do not eat the kinds of processed foods that we do. They get fresh milk from farms and skinny little chickens. McDonalds is a very rare treat for them (at least this was the case seven years ago when my wife relocated to America). Anyhow, do you see a pattern here? Do you see my point?
If you are at all concerned I would highly recommend you watch the film 'Food Inc.' as further evidence. Additionally I would recommend 'Supersize Me'.
So here's the summary: We eat unhealthy food, the production of which is regulated by the government, which has been genetically modified, intentionally treated and/or processed with chemicals, antibiotics, steroids, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides, we get sick, and then we rely on expensive medical care and drugs to treat our symptoms. Then, to top it all off, we scream and wail over health care reform, which will ultimately be provided by who?...Our government! Are you outraged yet? You should be!
Another friend of mine has a close friend who is a mortician. This man informed my friend that it now takes several days for rigor mortis to occur, whereas when he began his career, just a few decades ago, it was only a matter of hours. The cause of this bizarre phenomenon? Food preservatives. If you don't believe me, do the research. It is proven.
Now I would like to introduce to you something called 'Codex Alementarius'. Please look it up and find out what you can about this.


  1. I'm surprised nobody has commented. Anyway, good information. This technique is done in nearly everywhere in society, be it with a computer virus or a human one. Create a problem and sell the solution. One of the reasons why biotech is so profitable and utterly sinister.

  2. There are no reported side-effects from all natural thyroid. Since it is an all-natural thyroid supplement , the chances of experiencing a side-effect is non-existant if not very low.

  3. I don't buy this for the simple reason that Americans outlive Russians by at least 10 years.

  4. Hey Vito I wonder who supplied you with that statistic and all the fake distorted proof behind it. OOPS I TOLD THE TRUTH UH OH!
    If you want to change this then we must start a revolution. Cut the shit out and get everyone aware. If no one stops this, they will start WW3 and kill more sheeple just to save the dollar...a shitty piece of paper with no real value.

  5. Banning things don't work either. The banning foods agenda is part of the create a problem and sell the solution so we will all become dependent on government healthcare instead of using our own judgement by telling us we are all stupid and fat.

    THEN we begin to believe in that lie until the government *sells* a solution by banning certain foods which people will rebel when being controlled like cattle but then again I guess people don't mind being controlled and not think for themselves.

  6. That's what USA is doing in Asian countries specially in Afghanistan.

  7. That's what USA is doing in Asian countries specially in Afghanistan.