Thursday, February 4, 2010

Those Who Still Believe The World is Flat

I had the opportunity to have an interesting conversation with a friend of a friend a few days ago. I should set the stage by pointing out that he is nearly 60 years old and is a veteran of the U.S. military. He expressed the usual sentiment that things were going wrong with our government and in our country. As the conversation naturally drew near to the subject matter which I have been researching I saw the opportunity to share some of what I had discovered, suspecting by his comments that he may be interested. I was terribly wrong! After introducing some information for a few minutes he simply stared at me and asked, "so you believe all that conspiracy stuff?" I knew immediately what I was up against. In this one statement he proffered his view that such subjects as 9/11, NWO, Global Governance etc. were also consistent with UFO, Alien and Bigfoot theories. That the same people who believe that Elvis is not dead are the same people going around shouting that 9/11 was an inside job. I immediately pulled back the throttle because there is no debating or trying to share factual evidence with a mind that is already closed and sealed.
He then told me that he was a veteran serviceman and that he did not appreciate all of this conspiracy theory stuff. I had to share one last remark with him...I told him that I was from a military family as well and that my grandfather would be spinning in his grave if he knew what was being done to the country that he loved and fought for.
Then I let it be.
I realized that there are so many people out there who still believe that the earth is flat because that is what has always been taught. Even after the proof was provided to them that the world was, in fact, round, they still just could not acclimate themselves to any concept other than that which they had already seized upon with both hands. These are the masses that are most easily controlled. The steady daily diet of propaganda is spoon-fed to them in pleasant doses and the mind is numbed into a pliable state. I am reminded of the enormous amount of people that quickly got on board with the Nazi regime. Suddenly it didn't sound like such a bad idea to them to torture and murder millions and millions of innocent people because there was someone taking the role of authority telling them that this was the right thing to believe. They didn't think for themselves. They didn't act upon their instincts that were surely present telling them that this was insanity and that they should not be a party to it. They simply shouted the slogans, didn't make waves and conformed to the will of their leadership.
The Nazi movement is just one example out of the all too frequent examples of massively accepted lies perpetrated on humanity throughout history.
But, you can't convince everyone. I realized that it was not my job to debate with the flatworlders, but rather to simply offer the truth to those seeking it.
May those who read this have the courage and dedication to research the facts for themselves. Please, accept your responsibility as a patriot of a once great country. Find the determination to make a positive contribution to a world starved for morality and justice. Please don't be satisfied with 20 minutes worth of youtube surfing... you will most likely be grossly mislead into an ocean of garbage. We need intlligent, educated people with sensibilities and good ethics to assume some sort of leadership. For the sake of our children and the future generations who stand to suffer terrible oppression should we choose to approach these issues casually. Despite the immensity of our political/financial/moral problems, this is still the greatest country on earth. We can still speak our minds. We can still publish our opinions and worship how we choose. But, make no mistake, all of this is in jeopardy!
Please, do not procrastinate your participation in the battle. Our rights and freedoms are being systematically revoked and willingly forfeited at a frightening pace. Let's fight for this country while there's still something left of it to fight for!


  1. On behalf of all Americans of good will, I thank you for your concern for our great country. Mike

  2. Hi. Saw your link posted at the Ron Paul video and am visiting for the first time. You cover many of the major issues and do it well.
    I am commenting here because if you are ever talking to that friend of a friend again, or someone else who is a vet or is close to a vet, one or more of these links might provide a way through to them:
    1. ... I ran across this blog through this story only the other day - a steady and savvy man; the feel of him comes through in his analysis and will be confirmed by a read through the comments.
    7. and (the immediately relevant info is under "squalene")
    8. - although this guy’s take might upset some vets.
    Re 9/11: There's so much misinfo on the web (largely, one presumes, distraction by agents of the conspirators) that it is a nearly impossible task for people to start getting their head around the question of who might really have been responsible for 9/11. A couple of things that are obvious when pointed out and might provide a start for discussion are:
    1. How would a pack of terrorists have been able to schedule their attack for a day when there were several military exercises planned, including at least two (that's from memory; there might have been three such exercises) involving aeroplanes crashing into buildings, if they didn't have high-level inside connections in the US?
    2. Why wasn't the large amount of money placed on "short bets" on financial markets followed up to determine who thereby showed foreknowledge of the attacks?
    3. Why was the debris of the attacked buildings shipped overseas ASAP, instead of being forensically examined as would be the case at any other crime scene?
    I note that your 9/11 survey does not offer an Israeli option, whether as a sole originating perpetrator or in cooperation with an internal US cabal of criminals betraying the US Republic – or at least what's left of the Republic.
    The USS Liberty attack demonstrates treachery by not only Israel, but the US leaders who failed to respond then or later on behalf of their dead and wounded sailors. And do you disagree that the neocons are Israel operatives?
    For "ordinary" Jews, the reality is that they will be as expendable as the rest of us when the pivotal moment comes. Just look at history: the Zionists abandoned tens of thousands of Jews to the Nazis for political reasons during World War 2 (to aid creation of the state of Israel); and another example is the boatloads of post-war Jewish refugees sunk by the Zionists.
    For the past year or so, I've been wondering whether the ultimate conspirators - Jews and non-Jews - are engineering another round of pogroms to create a worldwide exodus of non-Israel Jews to Israel.
    In my view, failing to address obvious issues such as the overwhelming preponderance of Jewish faces at the forefront of the scam now called the Global Financial Crisis does not serve either patriots of any nation, or those among internationalists who are well-intended and this would be most of them.
    Of course, addressing such issues does prompt accusations of anti-Semitism – even for Jews. How do these rabid Zionists get away with garbage like describing their Jewish critics as "self-hating Jews"? They should be laughed out of town.

  3. Malcolm,
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments. If only there were more like you who are willing to share your educated opinions with those of us who stand to benefit. I must admit that I know little about how Israel fits into the picture. I am, by no means, any sort of professional or intellectual on the subjects of my blog but rather someone who hungers for the truth presented in a plain, understandable manner. Your comments are just what I am looking for...Now I have a whole new area of study on which to embark. Any other comments and contributions are very much appreciated, as is any publicity you can give my blog.
    There is one thing I am sure of and feel strongly about - The American people (and likely citizens of all nations) know or understand very little about the actual workings of their government and this is a recipe for catastrophic disaster. Hence, my blog endeavor.
    Please continue to help to fight the good fight of information!