Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cell Phones - Another Grim Piece of the Puzzle

Take a look at how many different ways your freedom, individuality and rights are being attacked. Does some of the content of my blog seem a bit "out there" or "paranoid"? I will agree that at the outset and without research a great deal of this does, in fact, appear to be. But do the research yourself. That is the only point I am trying to make...If you don't, how will you ever expect to know what is or is not going on? Will you rely on someone else to tell you these things? Do you expect that if there was controlled demolition on 9/11 that somebody in authority would have divulged that to the public by now and that those involved would have since been put behind bars? Do you rely on the media to keep you informed of the important subjects? Should you question the reports you hear? Is it possible that there are filters on the media which are subject to decisions made by higher authorities? Or do we just assume that if it's on CNN it is not only the important stuff we need to know but that it is unbiased and accurate? This naivete is the insurance policy that "they" hold. Big Brother has relied on our ignorance thus far in order to accomplish the objectives. Research the history of propaganda and you may learn a little bit about how it works and what has and has not been effective. By now the policies are well enough established that it no longer matters much if they are exposed or not. What on earth would we do about it even if we knew? The answer, once again, is that an informed people are a prepared people and that the damage is minimized if we understand what is happening.
My opinion means little, but our collective opinions carry weight. That is why we must be an informed society. Do the research. Especially if all of this stuff seems too far fetched to you. Research the Patriot Act and its implications. Look up 'Operation Northwoods'. Ask yourself the question, "why would the highest representative of the United States of America endorse the North American Free Trade Agreement if he really had the best interest of the American people, whom he is supposed to represent, at heart? Is it possible that none of the advisers or politicians involved could have foreseen what would happen to us with such an implementation"? Do you think such disastrous acts are accidents? That they just "gave it a try and it didn't work out like they had hoped"? Review the evidence and then make your decision based on the best cases you can find...this is the responsibility of any jury. And then, if you still don't believe in Big Brother, you will have made an educated decision. But please, don't turn a blind eye!

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