Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time magazine names Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke 'Person of the Year'

I was perusing the magazine rack at Wal-Mart today and I could not believe my eyes. Bernanke named person of the year. I had to know how on earth they managed to justify this. 'The Ministry of Truth' has spoken, and so it must be. This is an absolute model example of propaganda in action.
The article hails Mr. Bernanke as a hero who was responsible for lessening the economic crisis in our country and the world in 2009 - in summary saying, "If he hadn't done what he did, who knows where we'd be now!!" Please take the time to research exactly what he did. This video clip is an excellent place to start.
There was a superintendent and a foreman on a job I was once on who attempted a similar stunt. The foreman was terrible and very inept. His entire crew disliked him very much and saw through all of the lies and nonsense he was pulling. He was always trying to pin his mistakes on other people and the whole crew feared for their jobs. He actually fired a couple of people who spoke their minds to him. Unfortunately he was one of the "good ol boys" and was in tight with the Super. Over time the client for whom my company worked became aware of all of this scheming and incompetence and word got around that the axe was going to fall on both the super and the foreman. One morning we had a weekly meeting in which the superintendent was tasked to elect someone as an outstanding employee. To everyones surprise he named and awarded his good buddy and fellow hit list member - the foreman. This was done in front of the client, in a last ditch effort to say, "You see, we're really doing a great job here! Please don't fire us! How could you fire the employee of the month?" It was truly a pathetic display and the very next day they were both fired.
Do you see any resemblance to this story and Mr. Bernanke's nomination? Just thought I'd share that.

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