Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So What Can We Do About It?

At some point in researching topics like global government, RFID, 9/11, Bilderberg etc., one inevitably comes to the unsettling question, "What can I do about it?"
I was cleaning the house yesterday and overheard some more useless propaganda spewing out of the television on a kids educational program. "I feel so helpless," said a child to her mother. To which mother replied, "Well then do something about it. Organize a protest or write your congressman." And I thought, "There was a time when that advice would have worked for me. It sounds enthusiastic and motivating. It sounds like there is an alternative. It makes you feel like you can change things if you don't like them." It fit nicely into the lesson about citizenship in a PBS kids program. But when I heard this garbage all I could think about was how limp-wristed and ineffectual it sounded. Form a protest? What exactly does that do? I guess it can give people a temporary feeling of empowerment when they chant slogans and wave banners outside the silent megalith walls of government granite. But do we really think if "they" hear our opinions and see our banners it will alter their plans? Do we believe that the problem is that they just didn't realize how we really felt about the issue? And how about writing your congressman? I have written my congressman on a couple of separate occasions in two different states. Both times I received a letter back on official letterhead which was clearly an automatically generated response thanking me for my interest with the congressman's signature at the bottom in a cursive font...at least somebody cared enough to use a more human looking font for his signature. It kind of gave me the warm fuzzies to think that an actual congressman literally authorized his staff to have his very own personal P.R. machine generate a bona fide reply to my letter. Talk about changing the world!!
So, what can we do about it? It is my personal opinion that we are way too far gone to actually do much of anything about it. Enough power has already been established on their side and enough taken away from ours that we are ultimately at the mercy of the policy making oligarchy. This has been happening for decades right under our noses and we have been too disattached and pacified to do anything. We let it happen. And the ones who thought they were doing something by voting left or right were still voting for the same policy all along.
Disheartening? Indeed. However, I believe that an educated and aware society is far less likely to suffer the severe consequences as those who will still be chanting "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!" as they march to the slaughterhouse. We still have an obligation to do whatever we can to reveal the agenda to the masses. If we know what is happening we may be able to at least prepare for the future. Violent revolutions are only the result of unified desperation. We are neither unified nor desperate. And I am not suggesting a violent revolution anyway.
It was my goal at the outset of this endeavor to keep this blog relatively religion free. That it might be a forum of information equally useful in the secular world without enlisting a lot of religious debate, but the arrival of the subject, I guess, was inevitable.
Ultimately, for me, it comes down to a matter of faith. I feel that as long as I am doing my best to live faithfully and honestly and to obey the commandments of my God then I will have done my part and may therefore lay claim to the promises The Lord has made to all of His children. I believe that it is because we have become so Godless and indulgent that we are in this situation at all. History shows us consistent patterns as do the scriptures. Civilizations from humble beginnings are blessed with prosperity. They eventually prosper to a point where they become arrogant. They fail to obey the simple commandments of God and are caught up in their own pride. Then they fall and are humbled again and the cycle continues.
My point? If you're not a person of faith, perhaps it's time to reassess that decision. It's just a suggestion.

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