Saturday, January 16, 2010

Control Through FDA Approved Food

Here's a quick list of just a few highly common food additives and their known related health risks which are considered, by our government, to be perfectly safe. Safe enough even for your children.
1.) BHT - Added to most breakfast cereals, potato chips, chewing gum, baked goods and other high fat content foods to preserve the fat from going rancid. BHT is a substance used in commercial cleaning products which is linked to cancer and tumors.
2.) MSG - Mono sodium Glutamate is added to all kinds of foods such as processed meats, canned vegetables and soups to enhance flavor. MSG is so common in Chinese food that there has actually been a commonly understood slang term "Chinese food syndrome" which denotes the sickness people sometimes feel after eating at Chinese restaurants. The last time my family ate out at one of our local Chinese restaurants my wife, who is from Russia where they don't use such chemicals as MSG, was so sick that she was bed-ridden until the next afternoon. Her symptoms were consistent with those commonly reported from MSG: Vomiting, headache, nausea, weakness, sweating and heart palpitations. Incidentally, since the health risks of MSG have been so heavily scrutinized over the years, the additive has taken on many other names (over a dozen) in an effort to disguise its presence in your food. Please research this.
3. ) Growth hormones injected into our livestock which, conveniently, allow the animals to grow much bigger much faster so that they become more profitable, but have been proven to cause a wide array of health problems. Did you know that the average woman's shoe size in the U.S. just a few decades ago was size 7. Today...size 10. There are studies that have linked this bizarre phenomenon to the massive abundance of growth hormones in our food supply.
4.) Aspartame - Found in most everything we consume that is "sugar free", "diet" or "low calorie" including diet soft drinks, chewing gum, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, and many children's medications. Aspartame breaks down at room temperature to form methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid. Recent testing has revealed the extreme health risks related to ingestion of Aspartame.
But the FDA says it's okay, and so it goes into our nations food and medicine supply with the blind consumption of most of the population. After all, the government wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to us, would it?
Just look at the major health problems so abundant in our country, which are not nearly as prevalent in most other countries that still eat food the hard way - natural and untreated. Diseases such as many forms of cancer, diabetes, obesity, endometriosis and an absolute epidemic of allergies just to name a few. If you think this is just more paranoid nonsense, please...DO THE RESEARCH! The proof is there, it's just not promoted on television or by the government.
Is it a coincidence that we now turn desperately to our Federal Government to take responsibility for our health care? There's a very simple tactic used by those who sell drugs which has pretty consistent results. Let your potential customer try the drugs, then, sell the customer what he needs. Simple. So if the government wants us dependent and compliant, they simply need to create a problem and then offer the solution.
Not to mention the results of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs, the related diseases and deaths of which number in the multi-millions every year.
It's all about control. Population control. Tax control. Media control. Military control. Wealth control.
And who pays for it all? After all, modern life is mighty busy. Busy paying bills, talking on our mobile phones and texting, posting on Facebook and Myspace, watching television, working 60-80 hour weeks to pay down that mortgage and pay off both cars. Too busy to grow our own fruit and vegetables. Too busy to make our own meals at home. Too busy to read to our children. Thank goodness for the McDrive-thru. Thank goodness for the Rockstar and Monster and Red Bull that help us through our busy day!
Obviously this recipe for health is not working. Perhaps its time we question the powers that have our best interest at heart.


  1. While I agree that those chemicals are bad for you, I have to defend the FDA to a slight degree here. In trace amounts, those chemicals are rarely going to do anything to you (still, I agree that it would be better if we didn't use them at all), and the FDA bases their recommendations on a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle does not include endless fast food. It might, though, include fast food once in a while (I would define that as once a month or so, but I guess reasonable people can argue about that, too).

    I am of the opinion that a lot of what people blame on the government is often due to people not making responsible decisions on their own. Less government is always good, but most people wouldn't be clamoring for government intervention if your average citizen was personally responsible. Big government isn't a root cause; it's just a symptom of an irresponsible society.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I think you are exactly right. We are to blame for our apathy and lack of self-governance / self-control which allows for government to step in and dictate exactly what we can or cannot, shall or shall not do. I do believe that this is a chicken and the egg situation to some degree, though. There will always be those who stand to gain something by making your mind up for you. While I agree that we can not deny our own personal responsibility by blaming government entirely, I have seen enough evidence to convince me that there are those in power who have, by design, created a pacified and dependent society. My point in this instance is that we should not blindly accept what the FDA says, or any other government entity, simply because we figure that "they're the professionals, they should know best." This short-cut to thinking and irresponsibility is potentially catastrophic.

  3. the fear and death administration absolutely does not have our well being as a priority.

    george orwell characterized their goals very well in "1984," which you alluded to in a prior post.

    "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible." - Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, page 61

    btw, on my blog all the images are broken because i've had to let my domain expire temporarily.