Monday, January 25, 2010

Martial Law Can Be Declared At Any Time

There is something that we must all understand very clearly about living in the United States at this time. In the wake of both real and perceived terrorist attacks your Federal Government now has every right to label ANYONE a terrorist at ANY TIME for ANY REASON IT CHOOSES. Under such charges the Federal Government then has the right to detain you indefinitely WITHOUT due process or any access to legal defense. Furthermore your second amendment right to bear arms will be overturned and any and all firearms which you may legally own will be seized. Your personal property may also be seized and thoroughly scrutinized. All of your telephone conversations, emails, instant messages, texts and faxes can, at any time, be monitored. Including listening to you talk to your wife in your kitchen right through the walls of your home from a remote location. This is not something that we are threatened with in the future...IT'S ALREADY HERE RIGHT NOW. All under the pretense of Homeland Security.
In the following video we see how it already happened in New Orleans. And this was after a natural disaster, so we can chalk that up as another reason for our military to patrol its own citizens on U.S. soil. Will there be any other reasons or excuses for martial law in the future?

Please listen to what an official spokesman for the U.S. military has to say about the subject in the next video. Please remember that martial law, like most government intervention, is implemented in the name of the greater good to protect, not oppress us.

Again, I urge all readers to do their own research.

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