Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Concerned About The Health Care Bill? Check This Out

This video is a bit out of date, but the information is still very relevant. In a previous post I made a comment that this is how government works. Bills and/or laws are rarely passed without leaving doors open behind them. These open doors are usually difficult to detect and their repercussions difficult to foresee due to their intentionally complex and creative legal phrasing and vocabulary. This provides for the establishment of precedent. The passing of bills and laws is much like the breaching of a dam in that one will be forever chasing ever-widening cracks. This is how they "backdoor" abortion and government intervention into things like the very private institution of marriage. The whole governmental system has millions of tentacles which tirelessly, relentlessly writhe out for more and more and more. The moment the opposition rests is the moment the tentacles gain a new, more encroaching foothold. Unless there is constant opposition, you may be assured that the government monster (which is truly what it has become) will advance further and further into your life until...Until what? That is the real question. Where will it end? At what point will Big Brother decide that he has governed your life enough? How much control is enough? And is Big Brothers definition of "enough" the same as yours?

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