Monday, March 8, 2010

Awards, Kudos and Accolades

With the world enduring massive political oppression and a recent outburst of natural disasters, our country facing financial ruin and our own government encroaching on our civil liberties and personal freedoms paid for with the blood of our own people, it's good to see that the public eye has remained fast upon the crucial topics. America's got Oscar Fever!!...After all, a life without glitter and glamour is a life not worth living, am I right?
"The Fed? Not right now, I'm trying to get a glimpse at Angelina's fabulous dress!"
"I'm losing my home?? In a minute...I think Brad is going to win 'Prettiest face for a Trojan warrior'..."
"My tax dollars are being used to kill and enslave my own countrymen? That's nice, now will you please be quiet so I can PAY ATTENTION?"
It is particularly interesting to note that currently the State of California is literally going bankrupt. But let's not let that spoil the party. Someone will fix it for us. Right now we've got some awards to give out.
And the award for the Greatest False Flag Domestic Terrorism Atrocity goes to...


  1. Americas drug of choice: celebrities. It makes the pain go away ;)

  2. Where the hell is the new stuff?!?!?!!?!


  3. good work mate keep it up

  4. You make a good point, however while there are clearly more important issues in the world than Angnelinas Dress on Oscars night, we have a need for entertainment which is why that whole industry exists, you cant spend your life mourning the injustices of the world, a little sparkle is needed – just to make you smile!
    Whats the harm if it simply makes people happy? Fashion is an art form, so is the film industry and events such as the Oscars are celebrate these arts. There is no need to bring something good down simply because there are worse events happening in the world. Forget whether people should or shouldn’t be interested in the Oscars, that is redundant. Focus on the tragedy of disinterest in would events!