Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Is What Blind Allegiance Looks Like

Aside from the textbook P.R. opportunity and the attempt at a sickeningly sweet yet generic sentiment - aside from playing the "ethnic" card (smart move)- lets take a closer look at something -
There are over 309 million people in America, 3 million of whom were working at getting supporting signatures resulting in only 1.1 million who signed (telling numbers, indeed). This means that if all 3 million approached just one person each, then nearly 2/3 DID NOT support the bill and DID NOT sign...(math is fun!!) Rather than exhibiting an impressive number of supporting signatures, which is the obvious intent of this clip, Obamites have shot themselves in the foot...the math here indicates that around 66% of those approached DID NOT support Obamas plan. And this excludes the likelihood that 1.1 million of those signatures were those of the 3 million working on the project. Wow, what an embarrassment!
Aside from all of these things, please note the hysteria that is so common among the die-hard Obama supporters. This phenomenon is indicative of the mindless loyalty to a larger-than-life rockstar persona which is all too effective among those so eager to cling to an "image". Especially the young. -- "from the second he walks in the room it's just, I don't know, you feel it."
It calls to mind black and white clips of The Beatles' first arrival in America, or herds of girls fainting as Elvis once shook his moneymaker.
Take a look at what blind allegiance looks like...

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