Monday, April 12, 2010

Take A Look At Your America!

Disclaimer #1 - There are a couple of scenes toward the beginning of this clip of torture that will certainly be objectionable to some viewers (at about 1:42 - 2:03). I debated including this video on my blog because of it, but I feel that the message of this clip is solid enough and compelling enough to justify posting it. I apologize to any and all who may be offended, but sometimes we have to take a hard look at the ugliness taking place in our own front yards.
Disclaimer #2 - The cliche "ominous" soundtrack is unfortunate, but again, the message of the piece is important - please disregard the soundtrack if that sort of tactic bothers you.

1 comment:

  1. The average person is genetically programmed to be a docile, obedient sheep. Evident in any communal creature.. All the same, it is disheartening to acknowledge the flagrant stupidity running rampant in our society(more accurately--humanity as a whole).
    I like how people think things like Hitler were just a fluke.. or a special circumstance.. like germans were some especially stupid people or something.. Like the average person(the ones casting the scorn while so blissfully ignoring their own self-effacing duplicity)would never so benignly be manipulated ... mostly because THEIR government is honest and altruistic.. or transparent and there really aren't solely self-oriented individuals behind the curtain pulling the strings...
    Blah. Why all the words? I guess.. most people are just stupid. That's the worst part. Violence IS the only answer.. domination. and assertion of new order.. as will invariably be until humanity comes to an end. To expect otherwise is to expect EVERYONE to apply logical thought.. an attribute that is sadly lacking in the masses.. and avoided.. even shunned with hostility --should it shatter the easily trodden path beneath their feet.