Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Is Happening With Our Food?

I am very cautious when linking to anything by Alex Jones...I think the guy has some great information and is, overall, trying to champion the right causes. However, he goes a bit far for me at times, and therefore I'm not eager to associate my blog with him too much. That being said, this video IS IN FACT full of very important information and, I believe, presented well. Please take time to watch it and study this subject.

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  1. Haha
    I subscribed to Alex Jones.. and some others.. because I wanted sources of information that weren't tainted by media interests. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that no matter the source, bias is inevitably integrated into all "information".. So, more often than not I found myself b****ing at Alex Jones or insulting his worshippers ^^ Truly, disinformation is more harmful than no information.
    Anyway, just thought I was the only one that was able to utilize alternate sources without taking it as gospel.