Thursday, June 3, 2010


'The World According To Monsanto'
In case you don't know who Monsanto is, you should spend a few minutes and become acquainted with them. This documentary is incredibly informative and, coupled with the next documentary 'Food Inc.'' should outline very clearly for you what is going on with our food in America. Control the food...control the world!! After I watched these two films it occurred to me that there is particular significance to the "Doomsday Vault" of seeds of every kind of fruit and vegetable from the earth in deep storage under government control. For more info on this see an older post here on my blog entitled 'Submitted for your information - the world seed bank in Norway'...scroll down toward the bottom of this page. BE SURE TO WATCH THESE IN THEIR ENTIRETY.


  1. o_O

    So, why am I not allowed to disagree with this? I've marked it twice. If all of them had been gone through and marked disagree, I'd understand your desire to create some accuracy, but it's only the 1. . and since the ones marked "valuable" don't have comments, I shouldn't have to comment to disagree(this one's kind of a headache for me)..

    It's the Food, Inc film I disagree with. . and actually, not really the kind of thing that's appropriate for site like this. Food, inc is something that supports the pseudo-intellectual/libertarian's "indignation". If you're a vegetarian, I apologize for being "offensive" but then you're at least partially retarded in one part of your brain or another. Or, at least, be a vegetarian but not an ACTIVE vegetarian, lol.. I can understand the thought of eating something alive bothering people.. but it's not a CAUSE. Food, inc is the idiot's support group for vegetarians and their ilk. Like companies are really going to just let their animals die. Like they are only in business for the fun of it and have no concern for their ASSETS/inventory. Like they don't care about diseases and bacterias they are selling to consumers... like they don't care it could cost them MILLIONS or BILLIONS to have just 1 case of e.coli directly connected to them.

    We're talking about food. We're talking about humanity living TOO comfortable lives at the expense of their immune system. OF COURSE there is the ever present risk of SOME food getting contaminated---out of MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of products sold. It's impossible to come up with a flawless system, especially when you have humans involved in creating it.

    blah blah blah

    I disagree with Food, Inc.. in fact, you could even say I am ANTI-stupidity, and Food inc falls under that category. Food, inc is one of those things like... 9/11 happens, evidence contrary to the official report is revealed, and people are distracted by Lindsay Lohan's DUI and some stupid crap written on her nail(wtf, who cares.. this is "news" for our major news networks???!!!)

    We're humans. We're omnivores. We eat meat. There are almost 7 BILLION of us.. How the hell are we supposed to feed that many people WITHOUT working with a limited space? Quit breeding like cockroaches, or give up your backyard to raise livestock, or stfu and get a clue.

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  3. I'm not sure why the AUTOMATED system is not allowing your 'I disagree' marking to be noted, but the notion of me removing one little 'I disagree' submission is beyond ridiculous...Like that would have any bearing one way or another on anything at all. I can assure you - I have better things to do with my time than sabatoge your 'I disagree' submission.
    Next, I must say that since this is my blog, created by me, to voice my opinion about whatever I want, this is the ideal forum and perfectly appropriate for a subject like this. Why stop at this post...why not objuect to earlier posts on the "doomsday vault" or on what the FDA considers "safe"?
    Finally, I respect your strong opinion and opposition to the message of the film 'Food Inc.', but cannot allow your comment, which was clearly directed primarily at me, to go unchecked.
    1.) I AM NOT A VEGATERIAN! How you came to that conclusion simply by virtue of my endorsement of this film, I don't know.
    2.) The reason I feel this film is so important is because people need to take some personal responsibility for what they eat, buy and the price at which they allow themselves to be sold by the agendas of other people. It is my opinion that we should be respoonsible and not blind to the kinds of crap that is sold and fed to us by disattached orgainizations of super wealthy people who happen to reside in the pockets of corrupt governments.
    It seems to me that you are a bit quick to jump to some pretty critical conclusions. Some intelligent dialogue wherein questions are asked and answered may be a better approach for you. Honestly, Gary...Until now, I have valued your comments, but this one really just revealed some deep-rooted animosity for vegetarians from out of left field.
    The issue of the quality and nutritional value of our food is one of life and death, and not to be taken for granted simply because someone else tells us it's "OKAY". However, you do make a good point of the "vegetarian" agenda coming along for a ride.
    Nevertheless, you can liken this issue to that of global warming. The debate is no longer whether it is happening or not, but rather what is causing it. There are those who say it is man-made, and those who say it is a natural cycle. Either way, anyone who still denies that the phenomenon is occurring is either delusional, uneducated or deliberately in denial for some other reason.
    So should we just ignore the problem simply because there are a bunch of Al Gore's out there who stand to gain a great deal, financially or otherwise, by exploiting peoples fears or preaching from their soapbox? I think that, to do so, would be a grave mistake whether we can do anything about it or not.
    There is an old phrase for this situation. It is called "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", and it is frightening how many people do it. It seems that you have already dismissed some very important facts outlined by 'Food Inc.' because you see them all as being aligned with some liberal vegetarian agenda.
    Thank you for your comments on this post, however myopic they may be. Please continue to leave your comments and check whatever box you like. As I said, up until now, I have enjoyed, appreciated and even agreed with your comments. Good luck.